God Sure Is Good & People Still Can be!…

Ran out today to take my son to look for a sale item and to pick up a couple things we needed.  Already had about 3-4 inches of snow on the ground when we left and the snow just keeps coming.

We slid while trying to navigate a turn and slid right up on a turn median!  Here is where God shows up to bless us and show he is still in the business of working miracles!

I KNEW that I was not going to be able to make the turn and saw that I was going to hit the median so I tried to hit it straight on.  We slid up over the curb and had a jarring thump as we got good and properly STUCK!  Almost as soon as I stepped out of the car to asses the situation, two young men in a Jeep waved at me and started trying to get turned around to help.  Then a young couple with child in tow stopped and the man got out and asked if he could help.  He had tow straps and helped us get off the median.

Once off the median it seemed that we had been very “lucky” and no mechanical damage had been done.  I thanked “Joe” the man who stopped to help us and then my son and I talked about how many things could have been different.  If one of the tires had hit the curb we would most likely and at the very least have been stuck with a flat tire but possibly a cracked or warped axle.  We were okay, we didn’t hit anyone else, and the car was still functional….

Many people might think that ALL these things are just coincidental but I give Jesus the praise for keeping his hand upon us and our vehicle.

Be careful out there and God bless!

About PreacherCruz

I am first and foremost a born again, Bible believing Christian. I was recently ordained and have decided to step out on faith and build my own personal and family ministry. I have been blessed in marriage to a wonderful woman for almost 20 years, I have two boys and one seriously spoiled cat. I am also an Army war veteran and a staunch conservative.
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  • Donna

    Just checking out your website. I am currently in a cat study with your wife, and she told me about it. Enjoyed this story about the median.

    • PreacherCruz

      I’m so glad you found that story interesting. It sure was an experience and just one of the MANY times that God has shown he is in control. We are actually STILL driving that Van! God bless and let me know if I can answer any questions for you on any of the articles here or if you need prayer!

  • Patrick Burwell

    ONLY God is good.
    There is none of us who is good – nope, not even one. No one seeks after God, no one is anything but what God clearly states we are: Desperately Wicked and deserving of His Anger, Judgment and Hell.
    All who sin will receive God’s eternal punishment.
    But what did God do to rescue sinners?
    (Sinners are anyone who has lied, stolen or looked with lust).
    You had better find out because you have NO PROMISE you will see tomorrow. Every breath you breath you breathe is a gift from God to you. Don’t waste it. 150,000 people die every single day. that more than two people dead every second. Seek Him out… while YOU still CAN.
    Today if you hear His Voice evaluate yourself with the truth and learn what you must do to be rescued:

    Goto http://www.HowWillYouDo.org and let God set you free by taking this self test and DOING what it says…
    When sinners stand before God guilty where do they go? Heaven or Hell?

    God desires that all would come to Him and be made right by what His Son has done for sinners. When you violate His laws then are guilty, you ARE a sinner (Remember, a “sinner” is anyone who has lied, stolen or looked with lust, even once).
    If you will not listen, if you continue to be hard headed, then you cannot say you have not been warned, because you read this entire message. God will not forgive anyone who rejects His Son Jesus.

    Patrick Burwell
    ONLYJesusSaves.com Ministires

    • http://www.kjv-truth-ministries.org/ Preacher Cruz

      Brother Patrick…. I had no idea that every post of yours would be some critique or nit picking. OBVIOUSLY scripture tells us CORRECTLY that no one is good. That doesn’t mean that we all can’t occasionally DO something good. So far NO other person has misunderstood my intent or meaning with this story. Saying that people CAN be good isn’t the same as saying that any of us are ALWAYS good.