WHY Do People ACT Surprised By Government Intervention & Overreach?

I just saw a story of how CVS employees were upset upon learning that they now had to start sharing information about their weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), Blood Sugar (Glucose) levels and more.

WHY are we surprised? We give up our liberties and our freedom a bit at a time again and again. In MY mind one of the earlier examples of this was when people LET their State Legislatures mandate seat belt laws. How can a man claim to be free and own property if he isn’t free to do what he wants with his property? Ultimately if people have a severe accident they should have a right to decide if they want to survive and possibly be horribly mangled or tale their chances on going to eternity. Big Government as a rule doesn’t believe that there is a God OR an afterlife. They believe that this is all there is and that we need to “protect people”. The LIE of public safety is just a part of the “Hegelian Dialectic” the Government uses to further THEIR agenda regardless of the will of the people. As just two more recent examples many people said “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to hide” about the Patriot Act abuses like roving warrantless wiretaps.

Now we have people saying we have to deal with repeated violations of our rights if we choose to fly because of 9/11. So, soccer moms, disabled American Vets and grandmothers and children will now be screened while the people who SHOULD be screened (Muslim Males ESPECIALLY when travelling alone or in groups with other males are ignored due to fear of “profiling”. Muslim men and women are excluded from pat downs and full body scans due to “religious” objections. As a Christian I firmly believe that NO one other than my Doctor or my wife should see my body but that doesn’t exclude my family from TSA harassment.

Have you seen the video about ordering a Pizza under Obamacare? With every new regulation being revealed from this bill no one even read we get closer to this joke of privacy abuse…

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I am first and foremost a born again, Bible believing Christian. I was recently ordained and have decided to step out on faith and build my own personal and family ministry. I have been blessed in marriage to a wonderful woman for almost 20 years, I have two boys and one seriously spoiled cat. I am also an Army war veteran and a staunch conservative.
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  • Thurston

    Hordman here. Forgot what email address/password I used and I’m just not in the mood (and I’m just lazy) to try to find out, and why not use my real name here? Lol

    Comment is a few months late, but things like this are why I want to move to Britain when I’m 18. If my band isn’t successful, I’m probably gonna try to start a church… I know about the dangers of living up there while being a outspoken believer (people at church told me some horrible things that have happened there…), but nothing is greater than dying for Christ.