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About me and this ministry.

My name is Robert Cruz, but who I am is not important. Who Jesus is and who he has called us to be these are the important things. I am a sinner redeemed and saved by grace through the blood of Jesus. I have a past, much of it not entirely to be proud of. I have had my ups and downs as a person and as a Christian.  A personal revival and a turn to a life that can be used for Christ has encouraged me to serve him and to reach out to others. All through my years as a Christian I have struggled with man made standards and ideas of Christian appearance, behavior and conduct that are un-scriptural. These experiences left me very frustrated and uncertain as to how best to serve God. After much searching and prayer it came to me and my wife, at nearly the same time that perhaps our unmet needs were not uncommon.

God had called me to use my talents for him and his kingdom years ago and I had actively resisted him. I think that I doubted my worth. Finally, I came to the conclusion that I would not only never find any lasting happiness; but also would continue to feel unsatisfied if I didn’t heed his call. Also, I knew that there had to be lots more people who felt at odds with “old school” church environments. Please, do not get me wrong. I am not talking about a move towards “inclusion” or a feel good type of emergent situation or any compromise of true doctrine and scripture. What I am primarily concerned with is serving God as the Bible lies out. Things like saying that one must wear a dress or a suit are not only artificial constructs of man but they are also hurdles to some Christians and to those who may be searching.

The goal of this ministry is to serve God, win souls for Christ and educate and instruct in both understanding the Bible and living in harmony with it. Every lesson or sermon I offer and every political opinion or statement made on news or current events will be wholly supported by the Bible. All people have opinions. What I think and what you think do not matter. What God thinks or has to say on a matter should be the standard by which all Christians settle any question or debate. For more info on exactly WHAT we believe please see our Mission Statement & Beliefs page.

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This is a ministry, started as an act of faith with our own finances, resources and time. We welcome all prayer and any other support anyone is led or called to offer.

We can be contacted at truth-ministries@sbcglobal.net
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