Affordable Web Hosting A Personal Search & Review!

Affordable Webhosting!

The link that you see above each articles content here is an affiliate link to sign up for Big Scoots.  Please read the review below to see why they’re the FIRST and ONLY web host I and this site will recommend.

Truth Ministries has been in operation since April of 2011.  When we first started the site and signed up for webhosting we went with Hostable which is an offshoot of… I had LOTS of issues over the three years including CSS style sheet issues with my WordPress themes that resulted in this site intermittently having ZERO flavor or character as the content was there but all on a white background.  No one could tell me why and everything I tried failed to fix the issue.  Then they decided to basically hold us hostage by trying to force early payment of the next years hosting when I still supposedly had three months of paid hosting left!  Long story short I went elsewhere…

That led us to iPage as they had the best rate for a one year hosting plan that I could find at the time… The site ran and looked fine; all CSS issues were a thing of the past!  I was happy…. UNTIL, I realized my year was almost up and saw that they wanted to charge me over three times the promo rate!  FULL DISCLOSURE I was aware of this when I signed up but as this site is paid for and ran out of my family budget and we do not make money from it, we just couldn’t afford to pay $132 for one year of hosting!

Almost a full week of searching had me HIGHLY frustrated as almost all the major companies are, for all intents and purposes, ONE company as they’re all part of a Multi-national conglomerate named EIG!  iPage, Fatcow, Blue Host, Hostgator, eHost, Justhost, hostyoursite etc etc!  I was actually thinking of going with Just host until I found out they were just like iPage!

Being immensely frustrated I started a search for smaller, NON EIG webhosts and eventually settled on BigScoots and could NOT be happier.  Everything works, they respond to chat, phone calls and emails QUICKLY, they will help with site and file migration for FREE, which is usually a premium add on with other hosts.  I have never personally recommended a web host before nor signed up as an affiliate of any web host.  After more than a week up with not a single issue and very timely help, I can now recommend Big Scoots to ANYONE for low cost, no nonsense hosting that doesn’t mess with promotional pricing!  I paid like $62 for a full year of hosting, domain name renewal and who is protection!  Not bad and the service you get at this price point is UNBELIEVABLE!  I couldn’t even get JustHost to answer an email about pre sign up questions and couldn’t get chat without a 45 minute wait!

IF you are looking for a QUALITY and AFFORDBALE web hosting option I hope you will try Big Scoots.  As a Big Scoots affiliate this site will get MUCH NEEDED assistance if you sign up through us!

There is NO additional charge for signing up through us it is just like a referral bonus that will help us meet our costs, order tracts etc.

God bless.

UPDATE. As of 11/5/2015 I am still incredibly happy with them. Have had a few issues with WP plugins and lockouts etc. Support actually FIXED these issues for me in hours! No extra charge and incredible service and support. Haven’t noticed ANY down time at all either.