Are Mormons Christians?

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Please watch this video for more information on what they actually believe.. Also see below for some more info on How Mormonism got started.

Before I begin, PLEASE understand that I was NOT raised in any particular faith tradition. I did my own research and active and personal comparative religion survey for a period of several years as a teenager. I finally came to saving knowledge of Jesus. Part of how I eliminated various faiths and traditions for contention is if they were demonstrably false, riddled with error etc.

NOW, I do not mean to badmouth any individual believer of any faith. MANY people attend various “Churches” that sincerely wish to know and serve Jesus and others. If they belong to a cult or false church it is because they have been deceived. We shouldn’t be rude or hateful to them we should be praying fo them and speaking the truth in love to bring them away from the falsehoods they have embraced..

Mormonism or The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (LDS)

Origin: A young Joseph Smith Jr. who was immersed in pagan and new age type activities including dowsing or finding of water, treasure and other items through supernatural means claims that while trying to decide what religion to belong to he prayed to God to tell him which religion he should join or that was right. He claims that he was “Struck” by a pillar of light and that God and Jesus Appeared to him in a vision. They told him that ALL Christian religions had “fallen away” and promised to restore the “true faith” through him, one would suppose. Interestingly, around this same time Joseph was 14 and a travelling magician and diviner arrived in the town. This man claimed to be able to find water and lost treasures for just $3 a day. Joseph was highly interested in the man and his professed abilities. He followed him around trying to learn from him until the man left town after failing to find any water or treasures and was unable to con anyone into giving him any more money. Joseph Smith Jr. continued in the practice of divination with his own seer stones.

At 17 an “Angel” Moroni appeared to him and “revealed” the location of two golden plates that were supposedly left behind by two Ancient Christian American Indian tribes. He claims that when he went to the site he found additional golden plates and one brass plate containing Hebrew scripture, a breastplate and the Urim and Thummim two stones upon it that would allow him to translate the languages. Having had little in the way of education he could speak and read ONLY English, so the stones would be needed. He claimed he was unable or prevented from removing the materials and that he should return each year, for four years, at the Autumnal Equinox (Sept 22 or 23 of each year) until 1827. He himself took work as a diviner for $3 a day and also failed to find any treasure for his employers. In fact, formal charges were brought against him for being an impostor and misrepresenting himself and his abilities. The timing of his pilgrimages to the artifacts and his own NEVER recanted or apologized for divination are odd since the Bible commands us to not be diviners or observers of dates and times or to even associate with the same.

From 1831 thru 1844 he was heavily involved in making new converts to his religion and creating new communities and buildings reflecting his views. His followers in Missouri openly talked of their belief that the lands of Missouri would be inherited by them. They also upset local economies and politics by their financial and political agreement. They bought the same things and they voted the same way. These, among other, disagreements led to 3 separate Mormon “Wars”. Mormons were routinely mistreated and abused by local populaces often resulting in the loss of Mormon owned property and being ran out of town! In 1838 after the Missouri Mormon War, where 17 men and boys as young as ten were slaughtered Joseph Smith surrendered himself at Far West. Sadly, none of the people who mistreated the Mormons were ever arrested, charged or convicted of anything.

I went into some detail on the History of the founder of Mormonism for a reason. Is it likely that ALL Christian religion on Earth was wrong and that God would appear to a 14 year old boy immersed in pagan practices and deception? Is there ANY proof aside from the claims of Mormonism that there ever were “Christian Indians” or that Jesus appeared to them? IF Joseph Smith Jr. was right and he was a prophet of the Lord, WHY did his people get run out of lands that had been promised to them? The Israelites were promised lands and they fought and took them easily because GOD was on their side. None of the relics he mentioned were ever publicly seen and are accepted as fact as a matter of faith by most Mormons.

When you read a little about the actual history of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and learn about Joseph Smith Jr. it becomes in my opinion, incredible that so many have joined this cult and false religion. The Wikipedia page lists major historical problems like the mention of horses, swine, cattle silk and more that didn’t exist in America in the time the writings purport to be from.

To finish I will now list just a few of the most disturbing teachings of LDS. The Mormon Church, then and now, believes in and practices communicating with the dead in their temple ceremony! They teach that there are multiple Gods and that WE can become Gods and Goddesses in the celestial kingdom. They teach that we can have spirit children who will worship and pray to us just as we worship and pray to the father. They believe that God the father was once a man who became a God and that he has a physical body. MANY Mormons believe and many of their writings support the idea that God the father had actual physical relations with Mary to create Jesus. They do not worship Jesus or accept him as God they insist that God the father is the ONLY one who deserves worship and prayer. They ignore a HOST of Scripture to arrive at their various positions but this is to be expected since they view The Bible as compromised and ALL other Christian tradition to be fallen. This denies the sovereign power of God and the promises the Scripture makes. They believe that God wasn’t able to keep his word pure or keep ANY Christians right with him but instead believe pretty much any kind of made up nonsense. They are truly blinded and deceived. They refuse to give Jesus his PROPER and scriptural place as LORD of all and instead teach “There is no Salvation without acceptance of Joseph Smith” ‘Nuff Said! Quote from Prophet Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, v. 1, p. 190