Bit perfect Cd ripping made DEAD easy, my review of Easy Audio Copy

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Bit perfect Cd ripping made DEAD easy, my review of Easy Adudio Copy

Are you a budding audio snob? Do you think of yourself as an audio purist or audiophile of any kind? Then you’re probably a lot like me. I have been using Windows Media Player and iTunes for years and thought that when I put a CD in, I would get an exact copy (especially if I selected a lossless option) but it turns out this is just not so! MOST media players and rippers use programming tricks to sort of “guarantee” a passable result every time. For years I have had issues with some CD’s having ticks or audio glitches after ripping and I now know, or at least strongly suspect, most of these come from poor or non-existent error correction that is NOT designed to give you bit perfect copies but to work 99% of the time for most users.

Well, knowing that the CD’s I have made and the “archival” files I had saved to my PC were actually NOT bit perfect copies; I endeavored to find out HOW I could make bit perfect CD copies. Like most people in that boat I came across Exact Audio Copy. After spending several hours experimenting and reading FAQ’s and Tutorial Guides I “thought” I figured it out and was doing it right. I ended up with FLAC files as desired and they did sound great… Still not sure I was doing everything right and afraid I might be “missing out” on something I came across Easy Audio Copy at the website for Andre Weithoffs’ Exact Audio Copy.

Designed by the same man and utilizing the same ripper it is, as the name might suggest, DEAD easy to use. A sparse and simple interface that starts with asking you what format you wish to use MP3, FLAC or WAV with a very succinct and easy to follow explanation of the choices. Then it is as simple as popping in a CD. The software does almost all the work after that. It searches to try to decide what CD you’ve inserted and then picks up album art. If that album art looks right you double click it and a track listing pops up. If you are provided with more than one suggestion just try to choose the album art that matches what you have at hand and then double check the track listing to make sure it matches. Then you click ok on the track listing page and it does all the work for you!

DO NOT download the 14 day free trial unless you have the $30 free to purchase the full program because TRUST me you’re going to want it! When on the chase for great audio, there are things that we all seem to do, find the best speakers and audio components we can afford, seek out great headphones for different applications and at various price points and If you’re also a musician then you have to factor in the CONSTANT pursuit of “Grail tone” with new gear, amps, tubes etc ad inifinitum. With SO much effort and expense it just seems ODD not to start with pure audio copies of CD and this program offers you just that!

My only suggestion for Mr. Weithoff is that he use some sort of “brand” name. EAC is extremely well known and respected amongst audio purists and it is a shame that this program may not get much notice as they both have the same initials. Maybe changing it to Simple Audio Copy might be in order so those in the know can call it SAC by the creator of EAC.

I am not in ANY way associated with Andre Weithoff nor Easy Audio Copy.  I just love it and thought it might help other like me, looking for the best audio they can get.  You can read about, get the trial and buy it here..