Fear & Hypocrisy: Should We Trade Liberty For Safety?

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I have noticed a theme recently. Lots of people that I usually agree with, including people like Greg Gutfeld, Marco Rubio and many others, seem to believe that Radical Islamic Terror is a justification for modifying the rights of American citizens without due process.

People that I DON’T often agree with, like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and others, argue that the threat of Islamic Terror means we should grant sweeping power and “tools” to Law Enforcement and Government. A popular refrain is, “In times of war, we need more tools and options and not less.”

The thing is, MANY of these same people are quick to scream “Socialist, we have a Constitution and Americans have rights” on issues like gun control. They see that America is NOT made safer after a shooting by treating all Americans as if they’re violent criminals and say so. All the while they argue with someone like Rand Paul that America can be made safer by treating all Americans as if they might be terrorists and depriving them of rights without due process.

Carly Fiorina, in the December 15th RNC Debate, noted that none of the recent terror attacks happened because we didn’t have the right to collect phone metadata on all Americans. Similarly, every law and gun control option that Democrat gun grabbers propose after shootings; would stop NONE of the shootings… Odd isn’t it that so called proponents of “small government” only seem to oppose big government ideas if they weren’t proposed by themselves?

I know that MANY people are reacting in fear. To that I would quote Ben Franklin, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” More to the point I would suggest that even Government and intelligence is limited and that we may very well lose sight of the individual trees that are a threat to the forest by trying to search the entire forest.

We don’t “win” when we allow Government to take away our rights in response to Islamic Terror.

I tend to vote FREEDOM first and will not vote for anyone who supports taking away or modifying our Constitutional rights.