Indianapolis Stops Picking Up Trash!!!

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We haven’t had our trash collected for TWO solid weeks and we’re NOT the only ones.  All over our neighborhood there are trash cans overflowing.  Did a search today and found local new stories claiming that Indianapolis DPW (Department of Public Works) was delaying trash pickup on certain days due to “extreme cold”…. You can see one such report here.. Notice they are saying days and not weeks!

WOW… That is all I can say.  WOW.  In my neighborhood the trash truck has ONE man driving and using a mechanical arm to pick up the cans!  There is ABSOLUTELY NO excuse for them not picking up the trash and it has now been two weeks.

When we lived in Anderson we had One large and at least one smaller can at each residence plus a recycling tote… Here in Marion County we pay HIGHER taxes than many other locales and are basically forced to adapt or recycle since we have ONE can per address.

I filled out an online complaint Earlier this week with the “Mayors Action Committee” and received NO response.


Trash WAS finally picked up this morning!