Islam Is EVERYWHERE; My Australian Brothers Experience!

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The following was messaged to me by my brother Chris from Australia… PLEASE realize that there is NO such thing as “Radical” Islam.  Islam, by its’ very nature wishes NO compromise; only conversion, subjugation or death.  This is NOT to say that ALL Muslims support evil actions but honestly, most of them either DO or do nothing to oppose them.  There are plenty of studies showing that even “Moderate Muslims” support Sharia and say that those who mock the “Prophet” bring upon themselves violence etc!

“Robert, can you pray for Gods protection over our son, his family and friends and their possessions please? There’s some bad stuff going on – Dan lives in Panania in Sydney quite near the centre of the muslims nest. There has been an application put in for a 5000 seat mosque in Padstow just down the road. This will make 5 local mosques. There was a ‘Yay or Nay’ Facebook page started of which Dan is a member, to hear peoples’ opinions on the matter which quickly turned into a highly pro-Islam agenda and virtually anyone who disagreed was either blocked or called a racist.

The vast majority of “nays’ were for quite sensible reasons especially considering the size of the mosque, most concerns being parking. Some local residents complained based on experience they’d had with parking outside their own homes that are already near mosques. It seems that many of those who attend the mosques simply park wherever there is a space never mind that it is your driveway or even front yard or carport or even simply park out in the street forcing people to drive their car through the resultant obstacle course. Those whose driveways have been used and who complained to the cars owners have either had their tires slashed or house windows smashed or both.

Another Facebook page was begun by those who were kicked from the “Yay or Nay” page called the ‘Padstow Mosque Discussion Group’. None of these people have their details available to just anyone, however each of the members has been stalked and had yellow stickers placed on their cars, letterboxes and homes as well as some who have also had their tires slashed. They are being sent a message to stop resisting the mosque and it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out who is doing it. The police have been notified but really, who knows what good they can do? Intimidation and vandalism are the marks of evil people and to my mind 1400 years of killing, raping and thieving are even better marks of true evil.

My son told me the other night that while he has never seen an AK-47 in the real world he’s pretty sure he can hear them every night. There are regular shootings and stabbings that the media don’t or won’t report, (probably for good reason) however the downside is that those who continue to delude themselves that Islam is a religion of peace and continue to defend Muslims, may also get caught in the crossfire when it begins. And now – One of the administrators of the Padstow Mosque Discussion Group returned home from holidays, went shopping and when he got back home, found his puppy vomiting and with extremely pale gums. To cut to the chase, his pup which died that night had been baited with a poisoned quiche thrown in the backyard. While this in itself is not unusual what has made it more sinister is there was an anonymous letter waiting for him with the following: – Hi….. I hope you had a great holiday now it is back to business. This is a kind request to remove your facebook group “padstow mosque discussion group” off the website by January the 20th at the latest. We are here and not going anywhere and will make ourselves known to you and the rest of you cyber Islamaphobic slaves until you stop with all the hate. This is a kind request and our first and only KIND request!!! You are too young to get caught up is (sic) racist politics!! You have notice now and we trust you are smart enough to listen.”

There was also a small piece of cardboard under the windscreen wiper saying “Jan20!!!!” This has been passed on to the police as well. As you can see the intimidation from those members of that peaceful religion is escalating. The reason I tell you this is so that in case another atrocity happens and it’s these people within this group that are affected; you’ll have some prior knowledge and back ground. This is NOT a ‘lone wolf’ thing it IS Islam. I am intending to make the actions of these people as public as possible by contacting as many journalists as I can.