Just 12 reasons why Obama is one of the WORST Presidents in History!

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Here is my response to “12 Reasons Supporters Claim Obama is One of the Best Presidents in History” which can be seen here.. http://www.answers.com/article/1210892/12-reasons-supporters-claim-obama-is-one-of-the-best-presidents-in-history?paramt=21&param4=fb-demo&param1=everydaylife&param2=41976471

What is odd here is that the title makes one think this will be a fair and balanced take on why his “supporters” say he is a great president… NOT SO MUCH… They completely and uncritically parrot the 12 reasons with NOTHING by way of refutation

I will show just how lacking in substance this article, President Obama and the average Obama supporters are by using the same 12 points in my response “Just 12 reasons why Obama is one of the WORST Presidents in History!” I hope you will read the first article and then read my response as almost everything they post for reasons are lies or clear massaging of the truth and ignoring parts.

1. He Makes Politics Interesting: Yes, I know there are few things I would rather do than listen to this man stop and stutter um, um through any and every unscripted response. Add in the hilarity that often ensues when his teleprompter is not being used and he also makes politics funny!

2. He pushes for civil rights: You know I sure am glad that in this day and age when blacks are so oppressed that SOMEONE has the guts to stand up for them! I mean IF this was a Democrat in the 50’s or 60’s they might have a point but then even a black Democrat would likely have been with the Governor Wallace types that opposed Republican efforts for racial equality. Obama was also mostly raised by his lily white grandparents.. I am more authentically black than he with African on my Father’s side and having grown up in Detroit.

3. He cares about the environment: Yes, he cares for the environment SO much that he is willing to oppose energy efforts here in the US that provide jobs, security and prosperity for all Americans… Never mind that the State Department has admitted the Keystone XL project presented “minimal environmental risk” or impact. All of this to SAVE us from the horrible threat of Anthropogenic Global Warming, er Global Climate Change or whatever they want to call it now.

4. He is for peace and equality: As evidenced they say by his winning of the Peace Prize… LOL. He won it for being a Liberal person of color and NOTHING else. He hadn’t even been President when they decided to give it to him! If you need a funny reminder of just how LITTLE he had done to deserve it, please look up “That’s a Peace Prize” music video by Steven Crowder. I would link it here but it does have a few scenes with girls in swimsuits.

5. He has brought healthcare to the masses: Of course he did that by violating our constitutional rights and the Supreme Court only ruled it legal by saying it was a tax, which we were told REPEATEDLY it was not. Of course the President told so MANY lies about Obamacare we shouldn’t be surprised. Almost a million people (mostly young people) had the Obamacare taxes figured wrong and now have to have their tax returns delayed. Millions more, mostly young people are finding out that “free stuff isn’t free” as they’re being fined for not having or getting insurance last year! Let’s not even talk about who is HAPPIEST with Obamacare… Insurance Companies. Keep this in mind on point 6 and 12 please!

6. He represents the middle class: Yes, because millionaire Politicians who have never really worked hard in their lives, went to ritzy private schools while living in Hawaii and have had access to the best Ivy league educations ALWAYS put the middle class first… Like his deals with Big Pharma and Big Insurance, his refusal to do the things that could EASILY and permanently keep gas and energy costs low for Americans, thus reducing the prices of pretty much EVERYTHING we buy…. Yeah, that sure shows my middle class family that he cares… About pretty much everyone and everything BUT us. I think it is best summed up by this saying “Democrats LOVE the poor so much they’re hard at work making more of them”… While the middle class has shrunk and income disparity has grown under Obama.

7. He supports the troops: Do we mean our militaries and families or those of our enemies? Oh man, don’t get me started… Who really believes this? MORE American lives, and foreign lives for that matter, have been lost due to Obamas’ MANY wars, drone strikes and schemes than under Bush by far. Look it up. Also, we’ve got the VA scandal and pay freezes, lower Cost of living adjustments and higher Tricare (Military Medical Insurance) rates…

8. He cares about the future: Hmm, I guess… He cares about the future of Islam, Gay Marriage, Illegal Immigrants/immigration, “Man Made Global Warming” etc etc.. As far as doing what is BEST for America and Americans? Not so much. College? Ok, he wanted to tax working families’ college savings accounts and he offers to do NOTHING about the skyrocketing costs of college tuitions.

9. He Has Narrowed The Barriers For Future Candidates: Okay? Is this a personal accomplishment? Did HE single handedly put himself in office? I think this says a lot more about America and Americans than anything else. I guess we aren’t the vile racist country that many still think we are! I would say that he has LOWERED the bar for all future candidates.. When a person who no one has heard of, who has accomplished almost nothing, can be president of the US, I guess it is official that ANYONE can.

10. He Continually Pushes For Women’s Rights: Yes, because again, women need the right to vote, aren’t allowed to go to school, or drive or… Wait, that’s in most of the Muslim nations he loves! If he or any other Democrat really wants to protect women, why don’t they do ANYTHING about the Teddy & Jack Kennedy’s and Bill Clinton’s of America? THAT alone would help untold victimized women.

11. He Joins Politics With Current Events: Some would say he lowers the dignity of the office by constantly cavorting with mostly clueless and rich entertainers..

12. He Represents The People” Wow… As has already been shown he does NOT. To be honest, look at the polls and numbers on Illegal Immigration, Amnesty, Gay Marriage, Abortion, Keystone Pipeline, Jobs, Economy or what have you… repeatedly, he does what HE thinks is best or wants and couldn’t possibly care LESS what the Average American thinks; unless they agree with him.