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This discussion was moved here because it comes up so often.  If we as Christians stand against ANYTHING, whether its Abortion, Homosexuality or what have you we always have some people saying we’re being poor Christians.  They seem to think that standing for morality and truth is UN-Christian but loving people straight into Hell by telling them that no matter WHAT they do they can go to Heaven is correct… Below you will see the last post by Scot and then my answer to him..

Scott:  “Our feelings about a matter don’t change the truth.” You should heed your own words.

Some Gays crash a couple of conventions. They protest in the same manner that teaparty activists have repeatedly at Town Hall meetings. Did that change attendees minds? No. A vote is made on the subject. Politicking is performed to promote Gay’s position. Is that illegal? No. Did gay guys go to everyone’s homes and make those people vote for the change in classification? No. Was there violence? No.

Remember this: Losers can’t rewrite history, but only express their opinion of it, which is what you are doing. Whatever. It’s irrelevant now.

To cut this short: You lost then. You lose now. The horse is out of the barn, and events are occurring that are forever out of your control. Thank God.

You do know that there are many people in this country that are doing without that you and your group might help. Be a Christian.

Preacher Cruz @ Truth Ministries:

Scot, first off you wrote “The APA did not declassify homosexuality because they were afraid of civil unrest. They did so simply as research proved it is a variation of sexual orientation”… I demonstrated pretty clearly this was not so.  You’ve offered NOTHING but further faith based declarative statements.

I gave you evidence that NON qualified, politically motivated people were given direct access and input into the discussion and voting process.  Certainly no one was “forced” to vote any certain way but that is what’s known as a distinction without a difference.  When the gay “plant” is keeping track of who said what and who voted how, many people are going to capitulate for fear of being branded a “homophobic bigot”.  Many also were afraid their livelihoods and professional reputations and/or academic standing might be threatened etc.

When homosexuality was removed from the DSM I was ONE year old.  I had no dog in the fight so I didn’t lose anything.  Today, I feel the people who are losers are all the gay people who used to have options for getting help and controlling their desires and actions.  Homosexuality is not healthy and certainly not the rampantly promiscuous kind that seems to be SO popular among a large percentage of it’s adherents…

For what its worth, before I became a Christian I didn’t understand or approve of homosexual attraction but I did have many friends who were gay and bi.  I still have acquaintances and family members who are gay.  I respect all people and people can do what they like but don’t expect all people to say they agree with it or that it’s healthy, natural or normal. 

One of my former friends who self identified as Bi and I, had a similar view on religion/philosophy and morality at the time… Mainly, that there was such a thing as right and wrong and yet we both had real issues (for obviously different reasons at times) in doing what we knew to be right and NOT doing what we knew to be wrong…. I found out about 5 years ago He killed himself on my birthday.  I firmly believe the day was a message to me from God (as I don’t think my old friend even knew my Birthday) and it re-directed my commitment to the Lord and my submission to him.

Homosexuals are many times more likely to suffer from drug and alcohol abuse, depression and other mental illnesses, AIDS and more.  Pretending this isn’t so doesn’t do ANYONE any good.

Lastly, allow me to touch on a subject I’ve dealt with many times… I don’t go around telling (as just a random sampling) Muslims, Satanists, Prostitutes, Catholics, Race Car Drivers or Gays they’re poor representatives of their respective groups since I don’t know all that much about what makes a good race car driver, Satanist or what have you.  I always find it interesting that NON Christians love to tell Christians they’re doing it wrong..

You’ve no earthly idea what I personally OR this ministry does for others.  Engaging people in discussion on homosexuality represents less than 5% of my ministry efforts….. However, Christianity isn’t simply doing for others and helping them, it is also giving them the good news; that Jesus came to the Earth and died for them.  That if they will accept him and do as Jesus commanded to, “go and sin no more” and try to live lives pleasing to him and in service to others they can be forgiven of their sins and spend eternity with him in Heaven…

Love for others doesn’t mean letting them do whatever they like and telling them it’s right and ok.  The Bible defines sexual immorality, not you or I; and ANY sex outside of wedlock is sin.  We can’t willingly live in sin and enter into the kingdom of heaven any more than a murderer or rapist can do what they do and stay out of jail.  There are consequences to our actions…

Just because society may be leaning one direction or another, this doesn’t absolve Bible believing Christians form standing for what is true.  Things like abortion are murder and sex outside of marriage is sin.