Megadeth fans UNITE Against Censorship!

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This post contains at the bottom the first official response by Dave Mustaine to his statements made at Manchester Academy to a heckling fan.

I think that many of us are aware that on June 5th Dave sort of blew up at a fan at Manchester Academy in England.

Many Cyber Army fans (PAID Megadeth fan club) wanted to discuss the event and ALL of us were prohibited from doing so. Threads were locked and people were not so subtly warned that NO negative speech about Megadeth, its’ music or its’ members would be tolerated. Apparently I didn’t obey the directives of the Moderators quickly enough and without complaint because I was LOCKED out of the forums for a whole weekend with no warning or explanation.

I was re-instated after agreeing that I understood I would post NOTHING negative any longer!

I have tried for two weeks through VARIOUS means and contacts to get some sort of response from Dave Mustaine on the events of June 5th and more specifically if he wants or allows the censorship that Moderators use at the cyber army forums.

Conversations with OTHER fans and Cyber Army forum members lead me to believe that I am FAR from the only person upset by this. I have a page here on my personal family ministry site that I used to help recruit for the Cyber Army and I STILL have it up.

If I have no luck in getting this addressed by next week I will be cancelling my MCA membership and so will my son. They only think they can treat us this way because they think we won’t do anything about it.

IF enough people start protesting who are willing to speak with their DOLLARS, they will have to listen.

SO, the question is.. Do you think the forums of a man who has sung about free speech for thirty years should allow the censorship of its members?

If not PLEASE speak up, send emails to or send PM’s to other members and moderators. We need to let them know how we feel.



My first response from another MCA member was basically that they thought it was okay to PAY to be told what they could and couldn’t say and that NOTHING anyone said or did not even DAVE would change their undying support for him…. Wow, I hope this isn’t what America has come to! Do most people really feel this way?

I LOVE Megadeth and Dave Mustaine but that doesn’t mean he is always right or that he can have free speech while denying me mine!

NEW UPDATE 06/20/2013 07:06 PM EST…

I received an email from Dave McRobb the Webmaster at It contains a message from Dave Msutaine himself!

“As far as I know, when it happened, I admitted I made a mistake, I said I was sorry, I prayed about it, I contacted my Pastor and confessed, I have repented, and I can only hope that you forgive me too.
Dave Mustaine”

I also KNOW that Dave apologized to the fan in question that night: so, I of course will hold no grudge. I forgive Dave COMPLETELY for his words on June 5th…

NOW, if I could only find out if he knows about and condones censorship on the forums.

LAST UPDATE! I sent out letters once again trying to find out if Dave Mustaine knows about, tolerates or actually authorizes censorship on the Megadeth Cyber Army Forums…..

The response from the Administrators of the forum was to cancel my membership and give me a full refund. I’ve requested the same for my son as I recruited him to join as well…

SAD isn’t it that they would rather lose paying members than to surrender their online dictatorship where they control all thought and speech?

Could also be the fact that I was one of the most outspoken Christians on the boards too…

ADDITIONAL Information!

Apparently the administrators of the forums disbanded the Cyber Army Chapel and Dave Mustaine is still posting about freedom on his facebook!