Newsmedia Malpractice: Titles & Truth

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I have long thought about starting a series on the worst examples of spin, dishonesty, and agenda-pushing by the mainstream media.

Life, in general, makes maintaining an active blog presence quite difficult.

I just haven’t the time to respond and add a new page every time I see a “propaganda” piece masquerading as a hard news story.

Whether it is the near-constant portrayal of the President (and everyone who voted for him) as hateful, bigoted, Nazis, climate change, gun control, or abortion (as just a few choices); the media is selling us an agenda.

For most of them, it’s not at all about the truth.

It is about getting you to accept and believe what they believe.

Journalists and journalism courses have become about being well paid for being political activists. For most of them, the whole notion of trying to be impartial reporters of the news is anathema.

The example that got me writing today was a title on the Bing main page (since removed) that read NY Bans Hate Speech. Clicking the link brought you to information on New York City’s Commission on Human Rights banning the use of words like “illegal alien” or making threats about calling ICE.

Infractions are punishable by fines of up to$250,000 PER occurrence.

So far, all the articles I have seen ignore the chilling effect this can and will have on free speech in NYC. When using the proper, lawful terminology for a persons legal status in the country is called hate speech and punitively fined, this is an abuse of governmental authority.

It is designed to control the speech and ultimately, the thoughts of everyone under the jurisdiction of NYC.