OK, After Ferguson Grand Jury; Something Needs Said..

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I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE for the video I am posting as it does have cussing in it but sometimes people NEED to hear the straight, unvarnished truth and NEED to be sort of shocked…

Ordinarilly, I would never put ANY cursing on this site as I don’t think it serves God and I do want everything at this site to serve God…

HOWEVER, my entire family was called racists by a white lady from Brooklyn!  I am of African/Puerto Rican heritage on fathers side and Irish Cherokee on my mothers.

Someone posted this video to illustrate just how EASY it usually is to NOT get beaten or shot by the cops.  GOOD boys don’t, as a general rule get harassed, let alone shot by cops,  Let’s AL stop allowing that lie to be propagated!

Now, How to NOT get your a** kicked by a cop by Chris Rock (Almost CERTAINLY the ONLY time I will share any of his stuff!)

If you don’t wish to hear the video please don’t play it.  But it covers the following topics..

1. Obey the law!
2. Use Common Sense
3. Stop Immediately (If you see police lights)
4. Turn that sh*t off (if playing loud rap music)
5. Be polite
6. Shut the F*** up. (for friends in car when pulled over)
7. Get a White friend (can mean the difference between a ticket and a bullet!)
8. Never Drive with a mad woman (she will say anything and if mad there’s nothing she would like to see more than you getting your butt kicked)!

To Summarize it is basically OBEY the law and use common sense and you won’t get in trouble!