Planned Parenthood & The Spirit of Giving!

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We recently received a “Holiday Card” from Planned Parenthood of Indiana & Kentucky. Apparently, no one knows that PP is sending out Christmas cards with requests for money…

Nothing says “I honor the lord Jesus and his sacrifice so that all might have life”, quite like killing babies; so donate to Planned Parenthood!

In fact this card, with cute penguins holding hands and wearing festive scarves branded with the PP logo reads “Leading the way for nearly 100 years…”  Inside it says “Wishing you and yours the brightest of holiday seasons.”  Guess it’s a good thing for those cartoon Penguins that PP only kills unborn humans or they might not be able to “pose” for this card.  Also, it’s probably a good thing If we don’t question just what “way” PP has been leading to for almost 100 years considering that its’ founder (Margaret Sanger) was a Eugenicist who wanted to control the population of Blacks and others she considered undesirable or that murdering the unborn for convenience is a special kind of evil that could only serve Satan.

Inside the card was a little solicitation post card that reads “Yes, I would like to make the future brighter for families in Indiana and Kentucky”.  Not sure I can see how killing babies makes the “future brighter for families” anywhere.

After the undercover videos that show just how tone deaf, callous and inhuman these people can be, I am sort of shocked at the effort to tie PP programs; including abortion to Christmas Spirit and charity.

I guess I shouldn’t be.  These are there true colors. MONEY is all that matters to these people.  Think I exaggerate? PP isn’t doing Abortions for free now are they?  The VAST majority of their profits come from Abortion.  They make money for killing babies and ALL the other services they provide are available to women through other options.  They are not needed and certainly do not need tax payer subsidies.