Praising God for Assurance of My Sisters’ Salvation!

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This is my praise to God and testimony that in the midst of a horrible event, despite my own failings as a Brother and Christian, that God still allowed for me to not only see my Sister before she passed but also to witness to her, see her repent and accept Christ!

My Sister had a rare vascular disorder that caused constriction and poor blood flow throughout her lower extremities.. She checked into the hospital around May 9th and after first surgery was in ICU on ventilator and dialysis.. She was scheduled for at least one more surgery but further testing made it clear it was not an option. They were going to move her to Hospice care but she passed before they could….

She had been largely unresponsive and mostly had no idea who was in the room with her at all.

We’ve all heard the old saying “The Devil is in the details”… However, I want to tell you now that sometimes, God through the Holy Spirit is in the details!

My Son and Daughter in Law were in the Hospital for the birth of my first Grandson and my DIL had one heck of a time and was in the labor process for over 30 hours in total…

I had planned to go to the ICU at another hospital to see my Sister on the same day that I had a late Afternoon VA appointment which started and ran late.  My sisters facility restricted visitation from 6:30-8:30 and I had to pick up my wife from work at 9:30 so it turned out that I couldn’t visit Dee that day.

The next day I made plans to see her again and my Mom said that her latest update was that no surgeries or procedures were planned and that Dee had been unresponsive so today might be a good day for my Mother and family members who had been there every day to get some rest.  In light of that communication my Mother said that maybe that day wasn’t the best day for me to visit and that I might want to try some other time…

Already being out and about I decided to pray about it again and then went ahead with my plans to visit.  When I arrived they asked me to put on gloves and an isolation gown.. I spoke to the Nurses outside and when I stepped in to the ICU room I was amazed to see my Sister looking directly at me!

She was intubated and because of the line going down her throat she was not able to speak.  I had been told that at other times she communicated by finger gestures like up and down as a nod for yes and side to side for no… I asked Dee if she had heard me talking to her Nurses and she actually used her head and nodded in the affirmative!  I asked her several questions to make sure that she was actually aware and that she knew who I was…

I then told her that one of my greatest fears for her was that she wasn’t ready if she should die.  She nodded to say that NO she wasn’t.  I specified, I don’t mean just that you’re not ready to leave this life but that you’re not ready to meet your maker and she again shook no with her eyes tearing up!

We walked through Salvation and I asked her if she wanted to repent and give herself to the Lord and she said yes!  I prayed with her and then we talked some more about the various things that God might do in her circumstances.  That she might get a partial or full healing and restoration and have the opportunity to witness what Jesus had done for her… I also told her that he might not choose to heal her but that she was now DOUBLY my sister and that IF she passed now it would be into the presence of Christ.

That was on 5/14/2015.  I was unbelievably humbled and in awe of all the things that had to be just so for me to arrive at that time and for Dee to be not only ready and prepared by the urging of the Holy Spirit but to be alert and communicative…

On 05/16/2015 I was informed that my Sister had passed from this life and into eternity with God!

My Mother got me a Stainless Steel Dog Tag that I wear with one of my old Army ones that Has My Sisters thumb print and reads Dee 6/27/74 – 5/16/15 on one side and on the other I requested..

You once were lost;
I know you’re found.
Amazing Grace,
How sweet the sound…

I remember my Sister Dee with this slideshow video..