To my Love before our Anniversary:

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As I look back over what will be 24 years of marriage on August 16th I can’t help but think, Thank You Jesus!  He knew who I was and he knew it would take a very special and VERY patient person to put up with the hardships and difficulties that arise when you love someone like me…

Someone who wasn’t sure how to love or if he deserved real love; someone who hadn’t had that many good examples in his life and who didn’t know how to begin to emulate the love of Christ toward others.

It took some time for me to even begin to reach what God wanted me to be and your love and patience were gifts from God…

Things are not perfect and probably never will be this side of Heaven but God gave me a help in this life as he did Adam; one that was truly suitable for me.

Whether we are called home soon or we get to enjoy many more years together it’s Gods will I TRY to put first now, not my own.  Either way, I just thought it was right to tell you that you were never less than I wanted, always more than I deserved and apparently just what I needed.

God is good that way as he often shows his grace through blessings we don’t deserve including people in our lives that help, love and nurture us.

Thank you for your love my beautiful bride.