What IS Truth? Part3: Discernment

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To begin, I think it might be helpful to see the definition of discernment in normal conversation and from the Christian perspective..

[ diˈsərnmənt ]

1. the ability to judge well:
2. (in Christian contexts) perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding:

ATTENTION: Links in this article cover HIGHLY controversial homosexual events, behaviors and happenings. You may wish to make sure no kids are in the room and that you’re not at work when you click any of them. The links ARE to safe and reputable sites and content but they can and will offend many people no matter WHERE they stand on the LGBT movement.

Recently, I have been somewhat surprised by the open and vocal support of LGBT everything. I have even seen straight people attending Gay “Pride” events to “Support” their gay friends, family and the movement in general.

In one case I specifically challenged someone (privately in a message) doing so by proving that at many such events there are things going on that should, rightly, get people arrested; including nudity and open sex acts..


At this same event there was an open mockery of Christians. Advertisements for the event included posters of a re-imagining of the last supper with a “Jesus and Apostles” in various states of undress and wearing leather etc. I will not disgust anyone by telling them what was shown on the table in lieu of Bread and Wine! But if you wish to read more to verify it.. http://www.wnd.com/2007/09/43713/ World News Daily has a Christian viewpoint so this link IS safe to visit and read though it may still shock you.

I said “Let one straight person go downtown and take a pee in a plant and get seen by a child and they will forever be a registered sex offender…

I support all peoples rights to live as they choose but I do not support SOME people having special rights..

There is an entitlement, lack of respect and intolerance at the core of many gay people… They cry about tolerance and acceptance but absolutely REFUSE to accept or tolerate ANYONE that disagrees with them, their activities or events. Moe than this, many of them think that ALL people should be forced to endorse and approve of the same..

Choice and Free Speech are jokes in the hands and minds of many modern Liberals.

For them “Choice” only really applies to Drug use, ANY kind of sex and Abortion.

Other than that, just watch how FAST they say, that NO you should have NO choice about who you will serve or do business with, NO you should have no free speech to say that you oppose X or Y and that in fact, if you stray from the politically accepted speech or behavior you should be punished and made to conform. If you refuse you should be driven out of business, imprisoned and (as many HAVE called for) killed!

What happened to live and let live? This was never about that people. It was never enough that we allow people to be gay or that we allow people to be openly gay… Give a mouse a cookie and he will not be happy or satisfied, nor will the mouse thank you for the cookie… Instead he will feel entitled to ALL the cookies in your house plus the milk in your fridge!

Recently, at my sisters memorial service one of her acquaintances wore a “Trans Guys are Hot” T-Shirt! WHY would anyone think that a funeral would be a suitable place to make a cheap political point? That same person would’ve been upset had I chosen to wear a “Marriage is 1 man and 1 woman for life” shirt. Of course I would never even think of making a political statement that might offend people at my sisters’ funeral services!

I encouraged them to read this article that does a good job of explaining the Christian perspective on the homosexual movement.. http://patriotpost.us/alexander/3932
They chose to ignore all that I had said to them. After a couple days I tried again with “I see that you didn’t respond and that’s OK.

I just saw another story that I thought you might wish to see. One of the great “open secrets” of the male gay movement is the inappropriate attention given to prepubescent males/children.

This is often lied about but when you look up the stories from Hollywood as described by Corey Feldman and others it seems these things are NOT outside the norm for the gay community…

Granted, not all gay people support such things as this but a shocking percentage of them DO

I then shared a link to a story about a young boy who danced and twerked provocatively at a recent pride event while dressed in NOTHING but some short shorts. No confirmation of his age as of yet but he is certainly no older than 12 and looks MUCH younger. Attendees hooted and hollered and cheered and even when outraged people challenged it, the attendees mostly supported and justified the childs’ behavior as a way to combat and challenge “homophobia”! Here is the link http://barbwire.com/2015/06/15/outrage-young-boy-at-pride-event-praised-by-lgbts-for-dancing-sexually-to-fight-homophobia/

They replied that everyone has their own beliefs and that was why they chose to not respond…

I then told them “Yes, we all do have our own beliefs… The trick is to see if our views fit with the facts and reality. I used to be a pretty open supporter of gays too… In fact one of my friends was a self described “bi” who ended up killing himself..

I had to change my beliefs and what I found acceptable after coming to accept that Christ really was God and that there ARE standards for our lives… I am a sinner saved by grace and no better than anyone else but some people feel there is NO such thing as sin. I will leave this alone if you wish but I think that there is just TOO much of that in life as a general rule… Whether it’s about abortion, gay whatever, gun control or Liberal VS Conservative people just sort of throw in the towel and say everybody can have their own opinion… Of course they can but some opinions fit with truth and some do not.

I believe that agreeing to disagree is the last refuge of those unable or unwilling to have an actual debate where they defend what they say, do and believe… Confronted with all of the above, how could ANY reasonable person still “support” going to a gay pride event?

Suspension of thought is the ONLY way that many Liberals can support such things…

This is why most of them seem SO desperate to stifle honest debate. By calling people bigots they hope to shut down all discussion.

I also don’t understand how any Christian can ignore the completely unscriptural and ungodly positions of the Democrat party on many issues including Abortion, LGBT everything, Socialist tax and welfare policies and many more.

We should be able to discern, no matter what our religious or personal views might be, that allowing children to be used as political props and agents of change in situations that should rightly be considered adults only is WRONG

Children are not allowed in bars, strip clubs and adult “book” stores. Why should they be allowed in gay pride events that include nudity, sexual behaviors and activities? In daily life people are not allowed to walk around nude, nor to touch themselves or behave in overtly sexual ways. In point of fact they will be arrested for public nudity, indecent exposure and several other charges. If done in front of minors such behavior will add several more charges as well as being added to the sexual offender registry for life…

WHY does no one get arrested at gay pride events for doing the same things? WHY are Police assigned to be at such events on the taxpayers’ dime and told to do NOTHING about such behaviors?

Why were San Diego firemen FORCED to participate in such events against their wishes, views and beliefs? They eventually did win their lawsuit..


Can we not discern that what I have written about here is SIN?

Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!