Whites Are ALWAYS Racist, Even When They’re Not

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There’s an old saying “Brevity is the soul of wit.” This is a weighty issue, but I will try to keep if both clever and as short as I can.

My 15-year-old Son and I were talking about the current discussions on police racism against Blacks when something occurred to me.

There are definitely some people for whom America will ALWAYS be racist. Let me demonstrate. Even though there are many Black Americans alive today who have NEVER personally experienced overt or obvious mistreatment based upon their race, many of these same people just KNOW that America is still racist. How do they know that? Why because other people, the media, celebrities, College Professors and movements have TOLD them so.

The thing is you can’t believe everything you hear, read or even see. Don’t forget what Abraham Lincoln said, “Don’t believe every quote you find on the internet.”

What about Dorothy Bland? She recently claimed that she had been racially profiled and harassed by white police while walking in her neighborhood. The police incident report and dash cam video tells a MUCH different story. She was walking on the right side of the street, IN the street with headphones on and a hooded sweatshirt. She was impeding traffic which is a Class C Misdemeanor and the officer’s didn’t even know her race in the beginning. They were concerned with the public safety and upholding the law. Why this story is PARTICULARLY important is that Professor Bland is the Dean of a Journalism School there in Texas! Her perception that ANY police stop that involves white officers and a black citizen is de facto evidence of racism is likely being disseminated to her students. Here is info on that story. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/11/02/dashcam-video-undermines-texas-profs-claim-racial-profiling-says-chief/

Here’s another story about a Harvard Professor named Henry Louis Gates. He came back from a trip abroad to find his door lock apparently damaged and he and his driver pushed in the door. His neighbor thought they might be breaking in since they were busting the door down and called the police.

The Wikipedia page tells what happened when the Cambridge police responded. “According to the police report, Crowley arrived at the scene, went up to the front door, and asked Gates to step outside. Crowley explained he was investigating the report of a break-in in progress; as he did so, Gates opened the front door and said, “Why, because I’m a black man in America?”

Crowley’s report states that he believed Gates was lawfully in the residence, but that he was surprised and confused by Gates’ behavior, which included a threat that Crowley did not know who he was “messing with.” Crowley then asked Gates for a photo ID so as to verify he was the resident of the house; Gates initially refused, but then did supply his Harvard University identification card. Crowley wrote that Gates repeatedly shouted requests for his identification. Crowley then told Gates that he was leaving his residence and that if Gates wanted to continue discussing the matter, he would speak to him outside. Gates replied, “Yeah, I’ll speak with your mama outside. On the 9-1-1 dispatcher audio recordings, a man’s loud voice is heard in the background at several points during Sgt. Crowley’s transmission.

Gates stepped onto his front porch and continued to yell at him, accusing him of racial bias and saying he had not heard the last of him. Faced with this tumultuous behavior from Gates now outside his residence, Crowley warned Gates that he was becoming disorderly. When Gates ignored this warning and persisted in his behavior, and likewise ignored a second warning from Crowley, Crowley informed him that he was under arrest.”

This was the famous incident where President Obama, before knowing ANY of the facts, said the officer had “Acted stupidly.”

Obviously, two cases of affluent and well-educated black people in positions of authority and respect crying racism when there was none; is NOT proof that America is no longer racist. However, when we couple stories like that with other information we encounter; one has to wonder if the whole idea of widespread, nay systemic and institutional racism against Blacks has been overstated. Here are some statistics that I bet the mainstream media isn’t touting.

93 percent of all black deaths by violence were perpetrated by blacks. 7 percent of all black deaths by violence were done by non-blacks, meaning ANYONE who is not black and not just white people. Of that 7 percent, 0.04 percent was at the hands of police officers. No hard stats on how many of that less than 1 percent were white officers, but even if we assume that ALL of these deaths were by white officers, this hardly constitutes the targeting and assassination of blacks by racist white police.

Conspicuously absent from the Black Lives Matter chants, signs and protests are the numbers on black on black crime and death or black abortions. I guess “Black Lives” only “Matter” when taken by white cops?

For more perspective on the “epidemic” of racist attacks by White Cops, allow me to also point out that, year after year, the numbers just don’t support this notion. Taking 2012 as one example there were 126 blacks killed by a cop with a gun. That same year, there were 326 whites killed by cops with guns. Here is more on such stats. http://blogs.channel4.com/factcheck/factcheck-black-americans-killed-police/19423

Whites outnumber blacks roughly 5 to 1, but Blacks have more abortions than whites! To put it another way, though blacks make up roughly 12% of the population they account for over 35% of abortions! More on black abortion stats. http://www.abort73.com/abortion/abortion_and_race/


On average there are 1,876 black babies aborted EACH day or roughly 684,740 per year. Lest we forget, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was a Eugenicist who wanted blacks, and other less desirable populations controlled. Well, I don’t know if she has heard the news in Hell but she has gotten her wish.

Similarly, we see that in 2012 there were 2,648 blacks murdered and of those 2,412 were murdered by other blacks. So, in 2012 there were 687,514 black lives lost to violence. 126 of those were blacks killed by cops. I’ve no idea how many of those were killed while resisting or threatening lives, but I think we can all agree that MOST of these were likely in that camp. IF we refuse this, and say that EVERY time a cop killed a black man in 2012 it could’ve been prevented, we are still left with less than 0.02 percentage points of black deaths coming from cops with over 99.98 percent coming from Abortion and black on black violence.

The entire idea that white cops spend their days looking to harass, beat and kill black boys and men is absurd. ARE there some cops who are racist? Sure there are. Are racist cops indiscriminately allowed to target and harass blacks with impunity? That is not so clear and is completely UNSUPPORTED by the facts, the statistics or reality. Not that you’d ever get that information from the main Stream Media.

Here’s a tip kids. The Left LOVES to tell us to question authority and not to trust older people, but then some of you regurgitate what old people in authority tell you without question! NEVER take the “news” as Gospel. They have an agenda and you need to check what a story is saying. IF anyone requests it, I will be glad to give you a Hall Of Shame list of the biggest lies told by the Media.

To try to wrap up, I want to point out that at a guess, I would bet that 99.999999993 percent of the time, if you obey the law and cooperate with law enforcement, you will be on your way in minutes none the worse for wear. IF you insist on calling cops racists or thugs or fascists and give them a hard time, you will not “win”. Unless the prizes you’re after are an ass-whopping and a night in jail.

Even notoriously Liberal Chris Rock gets that.. (Warning colorful language) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igQDvYOt_iA

IF a cop had no cause to pull you over, file a complaint. Call his/her desk Sgt. If there’s a pattern of complaints on that officer, something will usually be done. Plus, PLEASE remember that perception is not reality, and hurt feelings are not the same as abuse. More than this, we all know that sometimes people take offense where none was meant. This isn’t to discount all perceptions of racism as overblown but in light of the examples shown, it is clear that some people are more hung up on the color of their own skin than others often are.

My last thought is that sometimes profiling is Good and saves lives.

Are Americans made safer by TSA hassling new mothers and searching diaper bags and the babies diapers? Or spending time hassling military vets with prosthetic legs or wheelchairs? NO. Know what would work and save lots of time and money? Looking for Middle Eastern Men of a certain age, traveling alone or with only other males and with no baggage etc. that WORKS.

El Al Airlines of Israel has been hijacked ONE time in 1968 and never again. They profile and they do NOT strip all passengers, make them take shoes off or go through nude body scanners, NONE of which has stopped a single threat. Radical Islamists hate Israel more than America.

If a cop (white or black) works in a mostly minority and poor neighborhood with high crime and he sees a fancy car full of white kids at 1 AM; which is more likely? That these kids are leaving a soup kitchen where they volunteer? At 1 AM? That they tutor underprivileged minority kids at the Public Library? At 1 AM? OR, is it more likely they are there to buy drugs? That was a form of racial profiling.

Conversely, if a cop (white or black) lives or works in an area that is well to do and has very low minority population and they see a low-rider full of Latino or Black kids, it is not unreasonable to stop them to make sure they have reason to be there and aren’t up to no good.

We need to STOP thinking in terms of black and white. We are only divided if we allow ourselves to be.

When will this nation not be Racist? We have Black Police Chiefs, Sherriff’s, Mayors and Governors; EVEN in states that were known for Slavery, Racism, and the KKK. Our President is Half Black…

For SOME people, this nation will ALWAYS be racist. They won’t know what to do with themselves if they stop thinking of themselves as victims. Then they might have to admit that if their lives suck it is THEIR fault.

Sadly, some believe that racism hinges upon power and authority. Therefore, since blacks are still numerically in the minority and not in total power or authority, they can never be racist.

Since white people are racist just for being born white and there is NOTHING they can do to NOT be racist, obviously, ALL whites must be made slaves and/or killed. It is the ultimate in reparations.

IF you’re white, admit it. You’re racist. Sign up now to be a slave or to be killed.

You think I am joking?

There are groups of blacks right now talking about enslaving whites and raping white women to make up for the past.. www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVbroLaJqMU

Just search YouTube for Blacks calling for killing whites to see DOZENS of videos.


Can we PLEASE get past this stuff? I have Cherokee and African in my bloodline. I do not think that ANYONE of whatever color owes me anything.

It is disgusting really to try to hold white people today to blame for the wrongs of the past.

God bless.